1. Plan to arrive about 30 minutes before your scheduled time slot. This will give us time to get you checked-in, collect your liability waivers. PLEASE NOTE! If you arrive late for your session you can enter the room, but no additional time will be added to the clock. Your success depends on working effectively as a team. Don’t let your team down. DON’T BE LATE!!

2. The maximum number of participants for each room is 2-8 depending on the room maximum. If your group is larger than 8, you must contact us to arrange your visit.

3. All personal belongings should be kept with you and deposited in the designated container inside your room. Except in case of emergency, use of mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, recorders, and the consumption of food and drinks in the rooms are strictly prohibited.

4. Please use our props with care. If you cause damage to a prop, by aggressive or violent handling, you may be faced with extreme difficulties when the prop is to come to use later. Aggressive and violent handling of props is strictly prohibited.

5. For your own safety, please do not bring any dangerous items to our business. The possession of flammables, combustibles, and any other item management deems dangerous on premises is strictly prohibited.

6. Every participant must sign a waiver to play. View/Download Waiver. when you arrive. To expedite your check-in, please have every member of your group print out and sign a waiver before arriving.

7. You may exit and return to a room at any time, but only in case of emergency or urgency. If you exit the room during your session, we will not stop the clock. Once the clock starts, it will not stop for any reason. We urge customers to use the restroom prior to their session to avoid having to interrupt their session.

8. Any violation of these rules shall be grounds for immediate termination of your session and removal from the premises.

9. We recommend a minimum age of 13 yrs. old. Children under 15 must have a parent or guardian sign the liability waiver for them.

10. Unless you purchase the maximum capacity of tickets for a room, you most likely will be paired with other groups.

Sign And Print Our Online Waivers By Clicking the Link Below 

OnLine Waivers

A fun night turned sour when a voodoo witch has put a curse upon bourbon street! With only a hour to spare, you and your friends must figure out how to reverse the curse that has been put upon everyone and save bourbon street! 
This is a Family Friendly Game that can hold 2-6 people

This Room is Located at Pheasant Run Resort

Truth or dare ended up daring you to break into the old witch house at the end of the block! Little did you know, upon entry you have triggred a curse and the only way to break it is by stealing the witches broom! Work together as a team to find clues, solve the mystery and get the broom before the 60 minutes is over! 

This is a 20 Minute room. You only 20 minutes remaining before show time, the Magician accidentally locked herself in one her the illusions! With the clock ticking you must work together with you're group in order to solve puzzles to find the keys to unlock the chest in time!

You're friend, a highly ranked agent has crossed boundaries and stumbled upon a document that could change the world! Disappearing to an unknown location, he's contacted you all to help retrieve the documents and get out of the house before its raided by the government!


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You will be locked in cells on an alien space ship, you have have to work together as a team to escape the cells in order to SAVE planet earth from extinction!  The room has a production value to make you feel like you are at a theme park! This will be an escape room unlike any you have seen before since its the FIRST in Chicago that uses NO LOCKS OR KEYS! Lots of interactive logic puzzles take place in this game. 

Break into America's highest security Jewelry Store with only one goal, to steal the most valuable Diamond in the world! Time is at the essence, you only have 60 minutes to break into the vault and escape before the police arrive!